Pssst…. Stop using plastic produce bags -- please!

Pssst! Wanna hear a nice, simple way to reduce your plastic use? OK, here it is. Stop using plastic produce bags at the grocery store!

I’m not a Plastic Avenger but the people at the “No Plastic Project” are. We all know that plastic pollutes and nod into submission that we should do more to stop using the crap. So here I am with a stick… reminding you that plastic is BAD! It is very good in many instances, but there are many uses which we can really do without. So stop by the “No Plastic Project” and get some ideas…

Hemp Flowers Bag

Hemp Flowers Bag

Beautiful enough to complement your finest shopping apparel. this hemp bag is fashionable and very practical. Each bag weighs just 2 ounces. yet is strong enough to replace two supermarket plastic bags.

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