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  • Health & Environment

    Not Today

    July 30, 2014
    This health related article goes to show how there are lots of alternative to BIG Pharma! A few days before Thanksgiving of last year, I was buying a suitcase at a small, family-run store in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While getting a thorough luggage demo from the shop owner, sharp, hot cramps hit my stomach out […]

    White House Hid Spike Of Families Crossing Border

    July 27, 2014
    New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in “family units” who are illegally crossing the Texas border. The data, which was dumped by the U.S. Read the full article here! (will open a new window so you won’t loose your place […]

    Who Were the Ancient Bog Mummies? Surprising New Clues

    July 25, 2014
    Cast into northern European wetlands, bog bodies have long appeared as opaque to archaeologists as their dark and watery graves. But new clues are coming in the centuries-old mystery of their origins. Over 500 Iron Age bog bodies and skeletons dating to between 800 B.C. and A.D. Read the full article here! (will open a […]

    Here’s How Chefs Make Their Burger Patties Perfectly Flat

    July 24, 2014
    Of all the calamities that can befall a hamburger, few are as subtly devastating as a convex patty. Though a bulbous burger won’t taste as awful as one that’s cooked or seasoned badly, it will ruin the structural integrity of the whole sandwich. Read the full article here! (will open a new window so you […]